Ellie's first swim

Ellianna got her first swim on July 23, 2005, during our friend Melody Murray's birthday party in Gresham. It was a great opportunity to wear the bathing suit her Aunt Sharon brought to her from Chicago.

Getting ready to get in the pool:

1pool7-23-05.jpg (500493 bytes)

Oooh, I'm not sure I like this!

2pool7-23-05.jpg (626138 bytes)

Oh, this could be fun! But hold on tight, Daddy!

3pool7-23-05.jpg (536262 bytes)

Look, I can lean!

4pool7-23-05.jpg (469242 bytes)


Oh, what's over there?

5pool7-23-05.jpg (501613 bytes)


Mmmmm, this tastes interesting!

6pool7-23-05.jpg (494907 bytes)

Holding on ...

7pool7-23-05.jpg (494196 bytes)

Oh, I don't know about this without my baby float! Oh, maybe ... but not over my neck, Daddy! That's too high!

8pool7-23-05.jpg (498273 bytes)

Drying off with Mommy after my swim. I had so much fun!!!

9pool7-23-05.jpg (615798 bytes)