Front Porch Bench


This was a test project. Scott thought he was interested in pursuing woodworking, but wasn't sure if he'd enjoy it as much as he thought he would. So he found a pattern for a bench in an issue of Woodsmith and modified it so it had a lift-up seat with a box underneath where we planned to store our shoes, since we don't wear shoes in the house. Meanwhile, Aviva had seen another bench that had a lattice look, so Scott modified the design again to include a lattice back. Since he didn't have tools of his own, Scott went to visit his parents for a couple long weekends to work in their woodshop and use their tools. The bench is cut entirely from 2x4 and 1x4 dimension lumber. Painting and assembly was done at our house. The colors were picked out by Aviva. The blueish purple matches our front door, and the raspberry brightens up even the grayest Northwest winter day.

(Needless to say, the experiment was a success and Scott embraced woodworking as a passionate hobby.)

bench1.jpg (71338 bytes)


bench2.jpg (71240 bytes)

The lattice in progress:

bench3.jpg (73024 bytes)