Cherry Bookcase

We don't really use our living room, so we plan to eventually make it into a library/reading room. To that goal, Scott intends to make three matching federal-style bookcases from a plan he found in Woodsmith magazine (Notes From The Shop, No. 95). He modified the design to make it taller to take advantage of the cathedral ceilings in our living room. The bookcase is about 8 feet tall and made out of cherry and cherry plywood. The wood carvings on the top of the bookcase were purchased to add interest. The bookcase design is ingenious in that it's all held together by a few bolts and knocks down very easily. The first bookcase was completed in fall 2002, and two more are planned for 2004.

Assembling the bookcase:

cherry2.jpg (84593 bytes)

cherry3.jpg (77519 bytes)


cherry1.jpg (91575 bytes)