Scott made his first clock in fall 2001 as a wedding gift for Aviva's brother, Mitch, and his wife, Katia. It was a simple carriage-style clock made of black walnut and maple plywood. We added a small brass plaque with their names and wedding date on it.

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In 2003, Scott started experimenting with bending wood using vacuum lamination, and a clock seemed like a good first project. Scott designed a mantle clock with a curved top and made a form for bending the wood. He used cherry with a bubinga veneer for the top and maple plywood for the face. The first clock was a gift for Aviva's mother in May 2003.

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Since he already had the form for bending the wood, it seemed like a smart thing to go ahead and make a second clock in the same style. This time, Scott added some etimoe veneer to the face of the clock to add interest. It was challenging cutting that veneer in the shape Scott designed, but with some trial and error, he succeeded. He again used cherry, maple plywood and bubinga veneer. The clock was completed in June 2003.


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