Ellianna, page 3

Waking up before the baby:

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Ellie's first time in her crib, lying under a blanket made by her Aunt Dee. The blanket on the headboard was made by her Aunt Susan. And that's a "Whoozit" hanging on the crib side, Ellie's favorite toy in her early weeks.

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Our Doula, Lisa Blanchard, visited when Ellie was just a couple weeks old:

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Boy, does Ellianna's face turn red when she's upset!

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All bundled up in her car seat and its cover, Ellie's wearing a hat made by her Aunt Susan:

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It's changing time!

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Ellie isn't all that fond of pacifiers. Unlike Mommy or Daddy's finger, the binky has a bad habit of falling out if she stops sucking for a minute.

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Ellie looks at her caterpillar toy and lies on a blanket made by her cousin Becca:

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Ellie slept for six consecutive hours, 10:30 p.m. to 4:45 a.m., on the night of 1/19/05. We were so excited it was the sign of things to come, but she went back to two- to three-hour increments of sleep after that. We're still hopeful ... Here she's having her feed at 5 a.m.

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Taking a nap on Mommy:

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