Ellianna, page 4

Ellie looks at Mr. Whoozit while Mommy plays with her feet:

ellie40.jpg (128480 bytes)

Reaching for Mr. Whoozit's nose, which hides a small mirror:

ellie41.jpg (125147 bytes)

Sleeping on Daddy:

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Daddy gets a smile while playing the Buzzy Bee game:

ellie43.jpg (102455 bytes)

The Buzzy Bee (Daddy's finger) is going to come in for another landing on Ellie's nose:

ellie44.jpg (108076 bytes)

This is what happens when Mommy eats a chocolate-chip blondie while Ellie's in the Baby Bjorn. Looks like a mole, but it's actually a chocolate chip!

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Daddy does double duty, scritching the Priss kitty and holding Ellie's hand at the same time:

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Talk about poor table manners! Formula runs down Ellie's chin as she drinks from her bottle:

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