Picture Frames


Scott & Aviva took classes in stained glass in 2002, and needed frames for our finished work. So Scott came to the rescue, using scrap wood left over from previous projects. Our first projects were small, and we didn't frame them. But our second project was a joint one -- a mermaid in an underwater scene with over 80 pieces of glass. Scott framed the mermaid with bird's eye maple. She currently hangs in our family room. Aviva thought that project was too overwhelming, so we took on a smaller one next, an iris with about 20 pieces. Scott framed the iris with black walnut. We gave the iris to Scott's grandmother, Ernestine Kalenske, as a Christmas 2002 gift. A 2004 project will be framing some artwork we got in Hawaii with koa, a Hawaiian wood we bought on Maui and brought home in our suitcase.


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