Quilted Maple Cabinet


We first saw the design for this cabinet on the cover of Fine Woodworking magazine. Scott had been looking for a project worthy of some incredibly figured quilted, flamed maple that we had found at a local wood shop. He framed the maple with black walnut to set it off. We found the drawer/door pulls online, and since they used a light wood surrounded by black walnut, they seemed the perfect finishing touch. Scott started the project in Winter 2001, and would have finished it in Spring 2002, but he was in a motorcycle accident and broke his right wrist in March 2002, requiring two surgeries. The cabinet waited patiently, and he finished it in Fall 2002.

A work in progress:


Like all woodworkers, Scott likes it when admirers oooh and aaah over his progress. Here, Aviva checks for rough spots but doesn't find any:

hallcabinet9.jpg (97037 bytes)


hallcabinet1.jpg (78480 bytes)

hallcabinet2.jpg (74039 bytes)


hallcabinet8..jpg (105378 bytes)


All finished now:

hallcabinet5.jpg (80303 bytes)

hallcabinet6.jpg (118942 bytes)


hallcabinet7.jpg (98237 bytes)