The Road to Hana

These trees are called rainbow eucalyptus trees. Note the rainbow colors that show up naturally on the trunks. I'd love to see what the wood looks like when it's cut --- if those colors go all the way through!

hana1.jpg (94550 bytes)


Note the stack of rocks someone placed on the lava boulder:

hana2.jpg (88815 bytes)


At the same stop:

hana4.jpg (114631 bytes)


At one of the many waterfalls along the road to Hana:

hana6.jpg (104582 bytes)

Another waterfall:

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On the path to the Seven Sacred Pools, just past Hana

hana8.jpg (108330 bytes)

One of the Seven Sacred Pools:

hana9.jpg (106247 bytes)

Waiting patiently for the photographer:

hana10.jpg (115969 bytes)