Heart Gift Boxes


In Fall 2003, one of Scott's co-workers and friends, Michele Kolet, was getting married and he knew he wanted to make something for her. He considered making another clock, since those seem to make good wedding gifts. Then an issue of Woodsmith magazine arrived with a "weekend project" of making gift boxes. The magazine featured square, rectangular and oval boxes with lids, and Aviva immediately said she wanted one. Scott never does anything that simple, so he set out to make a heart-shaped box. Scott used a computer-generated template (Corel draw) to get the shape just where he wanted it, and it just fit the boards we purchased for the project. The boxes are canary wood bases with bloodwood tops. The tops pivot to open.


heart1.jpg (63907 bytes)

In progress, no pivot pins yet.

heart2.jpg (62971 bytes)

After the pivot pins are in:

heart11.jpg (55671 bytes)

heart10.jpg (65858 bytes)


heart12.jpg (55760 bytes)