Heart Applique Quilt


I took a one-day class in Fall 2002 at The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego to make a baby quilt with heart appliques. It's an interesting quilt because I learned a new technique -- freezer paper applique -- and it has my first floating border. It was challenging to make, especially because it was impossible to finish during that one-day class. I got what I thought was a good start assembling it, then went to Open Quilting at Fabric Depot for help completing it. It turned out the original teacher had gotten me off to a wrong start and my squares weren't working out. She also hadn't told us to square them up, so my squares were different sizes.

Julie Foglio got me straightened out, and we finished the best we could. I lost some of my points because I hadn't squared up my squares at each step like I should have. I managed to camouflage that by tying the quilt with pearl cotton where the points should have been.

I also was unhappy with the way the applique stitch showed despite using invisible thread. (I did this quilt on my old machine, which had tension problems. It wouldn't look like that on my new machine.) On the positive side, all the quilters who see it ask me if I hand appliqued the hearts because of the way the stitches look, so that's not such a bad thing. :)

We have the quilt hanging in the family room between our two recliners. I feel like a real quilter now that I have a quilt I made hanging on the wall!


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