Artwork Pedestals


In June 2001, we bought a sculpture from our favorite artist, Jerry Joslin, using some of the money we'd already received for our upcoming wedding. We didn't have a good place to put it, so it went on the kitchen counter where we could admire it every day. Not the ideal place for it, though. In June 2002, we again visited the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts and fell in love with a piece Jerry was working while it was still in clay. We put down a deposit, and went home determined to have a place to put it before it was delivered three or four months later. Scott set about making pedestals for both the new and the original bronze. Since they would be kept in our living room, he styled the pedestals on the federal-style bookcase he'd already built, copying the fluting and using the same molding. Like the bookcase, the pedestals are made out of cherry. They're elongated octogons in shape, designed to fit the odd-shaped base of our first bronze. Scott met the deadline and had both pedestals completed by the time we took delivery of Center of My Universe.

pedestal1.jpg (98997 bytes)


pedestal4.jpg (62949 bytes)


pedestal3.jpg (66357 bytes)


And closer-ups of the artwork itself --

Center of My Universe:

pedestal2.jpg (94190 bytes)


Tidal Pool:

pedestal5.jpg (62074 bytes)