Bubinga wood plane


Scott needed a wood plane with a curved blade for a dresser he wanted to make with a serpentine curve. Since you can't buy one (unless you're lucky enough to find a very old one), he found a curved blade in a catalog (and Aviva was nice enough to buy it for his July 2003 birthday) and built the plane to fit it using bubinga, an African wood.  The plan is mostly detailed in James Krenov's The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking, with the addition of a curved sole.  Because we had a bit of bubinga on hand in the right thickness, it became the body wood.  The dowel pins are scrap dowel that was also around the shop.  The finish is Tried and True Linseed Oil.

plane1.jpg (60428 bytes)

Someday it might get rounded off a bit more, but only use will provide clues about where and how much it needs more work.

plane3.jpg (59498 bytes)

The body and pins were glued together with epoxy, which Scott was planning to use on the dresser also for vacuum lamination, but the rings look like the bubinga wicks it a little too well for use.

plane2.jpg (59590 bytes)