Aviva's Quilting

I long wished I knew how to quilt, but since I didn't know how to sew either, it seemed unlikely. But then Scott gave me a sewing machine for my 34th birthday, and I started taking adult beginning sewing classes at Fabric Depot in Summer 2001. I started the second class in the series that fall, and overheard a classmate talking about the beginning quilting class she had just finished. She said that if you could sew a straight line -- and I mostly sort of could -- you could quilt. I had just gotten married, and my brother's wedding in Brazil was coming up in November, and I thought a quilt would be the perfect gift if it came out semi-decent. It did, and it was, and that was the start of my love of quilting.


Here are photos of my completed projects:

                   Trip Around the World wedding quilt, November 2001

                    Baby quilts:

                        ***Baby Trip, March 2002

                        ***Rail Fence, May 2003

                        ***Stars & Moon, July 2003

                    Log Cabin lap quilt, May 2002

                    Log Cabin tote bag, May 2002

                    Christmas Table Runner, December 2002

                    Sampler, December 2002


                    Amish-style lap quilt, February 2004

                    Love The Log Cabin Table Runner, February 2004

                    Heart Applique quilt, February 2004

                    Unfinished projects


I'll be updating this Web page with future projects as I complete them. Please check back!


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