Rail Fence Quilt


This is the second quilt I started for Morgan Deweese, born May 2003. The first, an Amish-style quilt, just wasn't a good baby quilt, or so everyone told me. (I liked it so much I decided to keep it for myself!) So I set out to make a rail fence quilt with a twist -- using occasional nine-patch squares instead of the rail squares. Since I knew my friend Diane was having a girl -- at least I was hopeful the ultrasound technician knew her stuff! -- I chose pinks and purples with a little yellow thrown in to brighten things up. I wanted a scrappy look, but since my fabric stash isn't all that big (is a fabric stash ever big enough to please a quilter? ;), I bought a bunch of coordinating quarter-yards of fabric and cut them into strips. The rail fence is an easy quilt to make, even with nine-patches thrown in to make everything interesting, so it went quite quickly. In the meantime, I took a class on free-motion quilting so I could do more than just stitch-in-the-ditch. I decided this project would be a good first attempt. Baby quilts are good to experiment with since the recipients don't care if they're perfect -- they're always good enough for drooling on and spitting up on! :) I practiced first using a 18-inch square made up of extra rail fence squares that I sewed together. I decided on a loop-de-loop pattern because that was the one I'd found easiest to master in class. When it looked good on my sample, I decided to try the real thing. You can tell where I started because my loops were smaller to start with, but I quickly got the hang of it. Free motion quilting is fun! And of course I labeled it -- with a heart-shape label hand-appliqued onto a corner of the batik backing.

quilt 012.jpg (123684 bytes)


And with the recipient, Morgan Deweese (age about 8 months), modeling:

quilt 009.jpg (122301 bytes)


And a closer up view. If you look carefully, you can not only see the loops, but even one of the stars I threw in for variety! Isn't Morgan cute?

quilt 0101.jpg (64586 bytes)