Christmas Table Runner


My mother-in-law was very supportive as I learned how to sew. She even helped me with my first project, elastic-waistbanded shorts with pockets. It should have been a very easy project, but I found sewing to be quite challenging and she needed all her patience to help me through it. Since I'd made something for my mother, I thought I should make something for my mother-in-law too. Since I've seen her use table runners for festive meals, I thought that was the perfect gift. I took a class at Fabric Depot for a pattern called Candy Tile Table Runner, and it's a good thing because I found the pattern confusing and I'd never have managed it on my own. In fact, I started a second one in spring colors to make for myself, and got so confused that it never got assembled. I chose Christmas fabric for this table runner, and gave it to Marlys Foster for Christmas 2002.


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