I made a sampler of four squares from Quilt In A Day Almanac in a class at Fabric Depot. I wanted to make something for my friend, Laura Rehrmann, who started at the AP in West Virginia shortly after I did. We've managed to stay friends for more than a decade even though we've moved to opposite sides of the country, and I thought a wall-hanging would be a good birthday/housewarming gift. It ended up taking me longer than anticipated to finish the project, so it was a Christmas 2002 gift instead. Since I didn't know how she was decorating her house, I chose colors I liked and offered her the option of having it replaced in colors of her choosing. Turned out, I'd used colors she'd chosen for her guest bedroom.


Nearing completion, I pinned the quilt top, batting and muslin backing together for quilting:

Laura Rehrmann sampler3.jpg (97034 bytes)


Laura Rehrmann sampler1.jpg (135578 bytes)


Laura Rehrmann sampler2.jpg (135085 bytes)