Trip Baby Quilt


I started this baby quilt at the same time I started the queen-size Trip Around the World quilt. I initially thought I'd do the big quilt during class time and work on the baby quilt at home simultaneously. Didn't work that way. Since I had an urgent deadline to finish the big quilt -- had a plane ticket for Brazil and the quilt needed to be done in time -- it took priority and I put the baby quilt aside to finish the big quilt. The recipient, Charlotte Forward, was born while I was in Brazil, but she didn't seem to mind waiting for her baby gift.

Since I started the quilt before she was born and I didn't know whether she'd be a boy or girl, I chose bright gender-neutral colors. No boring pastels for me! I backed the quilt with a soft flannel. The quilt again is tied, with stitching-in-the-ditch around the border.

charlotte1.jpg (107396 bytes)


I was on the search for a creative way to label quilts since I wasn't too impressed with my first effort. I bought some transfers over the Web that allowed me to just fill-in-the-blanks. I thought the baby's diaper was the perfect place to put the recipient's name since there wasn't another spot for it.

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And there she is, enjoying the quilt!

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