Valet Box


Sharon suggested that a valet box (a jewelry box for men) would be a good gift for Jake's bar mitzvah in November 2004. After doing a series of three "practice" boxes, Scott set out to make a valet box for Jake. The top is quilted maple and the remainder of the box and tray are makore, which is also known as African cherry. To make the box more interesting, Scott chose a modified octogon design that turned out to be quite challenging to make. Aviva got to help assemble -- twice! Thankfully, it all worked the second time around.

A removeable tray has cubbyholes for a wallet, checkbook, rings, watches, necklaces, pocket knife, tie tacks/clasps, and everything we could imagine a young man needing. Underneath the tray, there's space for correspondence or other special documents.

The outside of the box is finished with Watco Danish Oil under polyurethane. The inside of the box is finished with the same oil, covered by super blonde shellac, which is odorless.


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