Scott's Woodworking

(aka Foster's Fine Furniture West)

As soon as Scott bought a house, he immediately began talking about starting to woodwork, something he grew up watching his parents do. He started his first project -- a bench for the front porch -- with his parents' help and the use of their woodshop. It was completed in Spring 2000. That first taste was enough to let him know it was really something he wanted to do, so he immediately began investing in tools -- a table saw was the first purchase, followed soon after by a drill press. That was just the start, and a few years later, our garage is a woodshop with no room for parking cars!


Here are photos from Scott's many projects, in approximate chronological order:

front porch bench

shoe stand

work bench

tool cabinet

Fence with a heart-shaped trellis gate

drying rack

pen box


wine glass rack

cherry bookcase

quilted maple cabinet



artwork pedestals

router bit box

bubinga wood plane

barrister bookcase

heart gift boxes

sandpaper shelves

serpentine dresser

valet box for Jake Weiner


As more projects get finished, this page will be updated. Please check back!



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